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Training Band

The Training Band is comprised of children who are new to their instruments. Children spend the first year in the Training Band learning important skills on their instruments and learning how to be part of a musical ensemble.



In term 4 of year 2, students will receive information about joining the band and also have the chance to see our bands perform. Once their interest is registered, they will participate in an instrument matching test to determine the best instrument for them.

Please understand that we need a diverse range of instruments in the band. Students may not get their first preference of instrument although our team does their best to listen to the students’ preferences. Also keep in mind, choosing an instrument for a student cannot solely be decided on their preference, but also their lung capacity, size and facial structure.

After the instrument matching tests, students will receive an offer to join the Training Band. Upon acceptance, you will need to fill in some paperwork. Rehearsals will start in Term 1 of year 3.

Please contact if you are interested in joining Training Band.



Below is a list of instruments offered in our band program. To see our very own FPS students demonstrating the instruments, please click here:

  • Bass Guitar

  • Clarinet

  • Euphonium

  • Flute

  • French Horn

  • Alto Saxophone

  • Tenor Saxophone

  • Percussion

  • Trombone

  • Trumpet



Most families choose to hire their instrument through the band program; however, you can use your own instrument or choose to hire externally (see list below). All information regarding renting will be provided.

External instrument rental providers:



Our Training Band Conductor for 2023 is Kirrily Swatton.

Kirrily has been surrounded by music her whole life. She played a variety of instruments such as Violin, Piano and French Horn throughout primary school however Flute was the instrument that stuck. She attended the Conservatorium High School specialising in Flute and continued her studies at the University of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music where she completed her Bachelor in Music Performance which gave her fantastic opportunities such as touring to Singapore and Shanghai.

Kirrily has been Flute tutor across the Northern Beaches and Sydney for the past 10 years and on her move back to Sydney was given the opportunity to start her career in conducting. She has been the conductor of Forestville Public School Training band since 2020 and Intermediate Band in 2022. She enjoys watching the children’s growth as they start to become tiny musicians and get to indulge in the great joys of music making. 

Kirrily continues to play in local community wind ensembles and orchestras and extends her love of music and watching young musicians form by being ensemble manager for The Arts Unit.



Training Band rehearsal:

  • Tuesday mornings 7:30am – 8:45am in the school hall.

Students are expected to arrive on time so they can set up the hall ready for rehearsal. Every rehearsal requires a parent/ carer volunteer to supervise. Their role is to assist in the running of the rehearsal under the direction of the conductor.



The Band is like any other team – it needs all its members in order to function successfully.

Children joining the Band are expected to commit themselves for the full year, and to attend all rehearsals and performances.

The Band Committee’s financial budget is based on the number of children enrolled in the band program at the beginning of each year. We make significant investments in new instruments at the beginning of the year in good faith that students will continue with band for the full twelve months. We ask parents to be cognisant of the “team” and financial impacts of withdrawing their child part-way through the year.

The Band Directors are very happy to speak with parents at any time to discuss their child’s progress in Band. It’s especially important to speak to the Band Director if your child isn’t enjoying Band or is worrying or struggling with some aspect of the programme. It’s our experience that these concerns are often easy to resolve when they are addressed early. You can speak with the Band Directors after rehearsals or by contacting them at



In addition to the weekly rehearsal, every student is required to have tutoring each week with a teacher specific to their instrument. A tutor will teach the student how to play their instrument whilst the band rehearsal is where they learn to play as a group. Our list of tutors can be found here or you can source your own tutor:



Invoices for Training Band are sent out per semester via email.

  • Band Fee - $190 per semester ($380 annual)

  • Instrument Hire & Repair Levy - $180 per semester ($360 annual)

  • Percussionist/ Base Guitar - $60 (annual levy)

(this covers the maintenance and use of the school’s percussion instruments)

We accept the NSW Creative Kids Voucher.



  • Instrument and accessories

(drip cloth, lip cream, cork grease, spare reeds, valve oil, amps, leads etc)

  • Music Folder (will be provided at the first rehearsal)

  • Sharp pencil



We need one parent to volunteer as the Training Band Parent Co-ordinator. This parent will:

  • Liaise with the conductor, committee and teachers.

  • Communicate with parents about upcoming events and general information as well as organise a roster for parent/carer helpers during rehearsals.

This is not an intensive role and the amount of work is mainly focussed around setting up a roster at the beginning of each term.



TeamApp is our main form of contact and is downloadable via app on your phone. All essential and timely information will be sent through here.

Email - In addition to TeamApp you may receive emails from your parent coordinator. Please ensure your email address is always up to date.

Newsletter - We also have a section in the school newsletter.



Please feel free to contact should you have any other questions.

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