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Beginner Strings

Beginner Strings is for students completely new to playing their musical instrument (no previous experience is required). Consisting of mainly Year 2 students, some exceptions can be made for younger children that already have experience. Students spend one year in this group learning how to play their chosen instrument and be part of a musical ensemble.



In 2024, the Strings Program will be undergoing a structural change. Due to this, we will not have a Beginner Strings group in 2024. If your child was wanting to join Strings in 2024, they will have the opportunity to join in 2025 (accepting any children in years 2+).

To register your interest in joining Strings in 2025, please fill in your details using the following link:

Our recruitment process would usually start in Term 4, where we have an information evening to provide information about the program to prospective parents. Following the information evening, an email will be sent to all registered email addresses, inviting you to register and providing you with all essential information.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or queries about joining the program.



Below is a list of instruments offered in our strings program. To see our very own FPS students demonstrating the instruments, please click here:

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Double Bass

It is important that the correct sized instrument is selected for each student. Please come to our Information Evening and our conductors will be happy to help with sizing. Alternatively you can find more information in our Strings Handbook or view videos on how to select size, both can be found on our Useful Resources page.



Most families choose to hire their instrument through the strings program; however, you can use your own instrument or choose to hire externally (see list below). All information regarding hiring will be provided.

External instrument rental providers:

List of 2nd hand instruments for sale:



Our Beginner Strings Conductor is Pip Birkett.

Pip spent her youth teaching and playing the violin in orchestras before choosing a corporate career and keeping music as a hobby. Following the birth of her three children, she returned to her childhood passion of music.

Throughout the last nine years, Pip has been heavily involved in the strings program at Forestville Public taking various strings groups. Pip is currently studying for her Bachelor of Music/Education, and is a member of the University of New South Wales Orchestra.



Beginner Strings rehearsal:

  • Friday mornings 7:45am – 8:45am in the school hall.

Students are expected to arrive on time so they can set up the hall ready for rehearsal. Every rehearsal requires a parent/ carer volunteer to supervise. Their role is to assist in the running of the rehearsal under the direction of the conductor.

It is requested that notice be given for any missed rehearsals. A musical ensemble is like any other team – it needs all its members in order to function successfully. Children joining the program are asked to commit for the full year, and to attend all rehearsals and performances.

The Conductors are very happy to speak with parents to discuss their child’s progress. Conductors will ask the students to take their music to their tutors. It’s especially important to speak to the conductor if your child is having any difficulties. It’s our experience that these concerns are often easy to resolve when they are addressed early.



In addition to the weekly rehearsal, every student is required to have tutoring each week with a teacher specific to their instrument. A tutor will teach the student how to play their instrument whilst the strings rehearsal is where they learn to play as a group. We will release a list of tutors at the start of each year. If you need assistance with tutors please contact


FEES 2024

Invoices for Beginner Strings are sent out at the beginning of the year via email. The cost is:

  • Beginner Strings Fee - $460 (non-refundable)

  • Sibling Discount - $20/student (only on full program fee)

  • Double Bass Discount - $100 off program fees for the year

Instrument Rental with FPS Rental Program 2024

For more information on the FPS Rental Program please visit:

We accept the NSW Creative Kids Voucher.



  • Instrument and accessories (shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth etc)

  • Music Folder (will be provided)

  • Sharp pencil



We need one parent to volunteer as the Beginner Strings Parent Co-ordinator. This parent will:

  • Liaise with the conductor, committee and teachers.

  • Communicate with parents about upcoming events and general information as well as organise a roster for parent/carer helpers during rehearsals.

This is not an intensive role and the amount of work is mainly focussed around setting up a roster at the beginning of each term.



TeamApp is our main form of contact and is downloadable via app on your phone. All essential and timely information will be sent through here.

Email - In addition to TeamApp you may receive emails from your parent coordinator. Please ensure your email address is always up to date.

Newsletter - We also have a section in the school newsletter.


Please feel free to contact should you have any other questions.

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